Living, breathing, and beautiful, indoor plants have the power to enhance any interior design scheme. As well as visually brightening any room, plants even offer proven health benefits – they can boost creativity by 15%, while also reducing stress and boosting mood. If you’re looking to incorporate plants into your interiors, there are a number of key points to consider to make the right choices for your home.

Consider your layout and decor

Before choosing your indoor plants, it’s important to take the layout and decor of your home into account. Also, consider how much natural light your interiors get – where are the sunniest spots around your home? This helps streamline your choices of indoor plants. Ultimately, your chosen plants should have their own unique look, while also complementing the style and layout of your home. Modern interiors, in particular, are typically blessed with plenty of natural light, which gives you the freedom to invest in larger, sculptural plants – the Chestnut Vine, for example, is a stunning tropical evergreen with lush, striking foliage. Traditional interiors, on the other hand, tend to feature smaller, darker rooms, and therefore look great with simpler plants, such as, ferns, palm trees, and African violets.

Opt for indoor trees

In addition to plants, indoor trees can function as statement pieces in your interior design scheme. Whether you’re looking to add a sculptural element to your living room or brighten up your bathroom, there’s truly a tree for any and every space. Indoor trees also work particularly well in plain or impersonal areas, such as, entryways and studies – they’re a simple yet effective way to add vibrancy, color, and style. The banana tree, for example, is a bold, stylish option with gorgeous, large green leaves. Although banana trees grow quite tall, a slightly shorter dwarf version is available if you’re dealing with any height limitations. This tree favors hot, humid conditions and requires regular watering to thrive.

Pick pretty vessels

Able to elevate your plants to new heights, your choice of vessels shouldn’t just be an afterthought; in fact, the vessel is just as important as the plant. Rather than let your containers blend into the background, they should make a style statement all on their own. So, be sure to opt for beautiful containers, such as, china, reclaimed wood, or even simple baskets. Traditional blue and white containers are an ideal option for traditional-style interiors. Alternatively, colored glass pots are also another beautiful choice that contrasts nicely with the texture of the plants. Keep in mind, it’s also important to place a saucer underneath your containers to catch any water, while a cork mat or marble tray between the saucer and table or floor is also essential for keeping unwanted watermarks at bay.

Indoor plants can effortlessly add color, texture, and beauty to any room. By first considering your layout and decor, opting for indoor trees, and picking the right vessels, you’ll be sure to make the right choices for home.