Car insurance is something that’s always there but very few people think about it on a daily basis. This means it’s easy to forget to check up on how your policy is doing and whether it still aligns with your current needs and lifestyle. If you’ve been wondering whether it’s time to switch providers, check out these signs that it’s well and truly time to make a change.

It’s too expensive

If your car insurance costs have increased a lot since you took out your policy, it might be time to shop around for something new. You can get cheap car insurance quotes from Money Expert that will help you to weigh up your options and see if there’s a better policy out there for your needs. Oftentimes, providers will offer new customers the best deals and after a while your premiums will go up. This is why it’s so important to keep watching the market and compare prices regularly.

You’ve bought a new car

While it’s possible to keep your old car insurance when buying a new car, it may be your perfect chance to find a better deal. Some car insurance policies aren’t suited to every type of car and there may be something that fits your new vehicle a lot better. For example, both electric cars and luxury cars may require specialist insurance to help you get the right parts should something go wrong.

Substandard customer service

Most people don’t need to use their car insurance often, but if you’ve dealt with your provider in the past and experienced a poor standard of customer service, it could be time to move on. It should never be a headache to update your details or make a claim, especially because you’re probably relying on your car insurance during very stressful circumstances. Before switching to a new provider, check out customer reviews to make sure your new policy will deliver the service you deserve.

Not enough cover

Every car insurance policy offers a different level of cover and what may have been enough for you when you started driving may not suffice now. If you started off with a basic package that just covered all your legal requirements, it may be time to upgrade your cover. While it could be possible to stay with your current provider and simply take out more cover, chances are there’s a better deal going somewhere else. Ask your existing insurer for a quote and compare it with others you find online for the best picture.

Your lifestyle has changed

Have you started driving less? Or maybe your partner needs to drive your car sometimes as well. Whatever it is that’s happened, there could be a better car insurance policy out there. If you drive infrequently there are many cheap car insurance policies designed for people who don’t clock many miles each week. Similarly, some insurance providers specialise in family plans where more than one person drives the same car.