Summer Health-Care: How to Stay in Good Shape on Vacation

Summer is here, and that is probably the best time to relax on the beach, hold garden parties, have fun with friends and family, and go on vacations. However, all that can be ruined by …


Summer is here, and that is probably the best time to relax on the beach, hold garden parties, have fun with friends and family, and go on vacations. However, all that can be ruined by a little cold, fatigue, or even a more severe health condition. Fortunately, with some tips, you can minimize the risk of getting ill on vacation and fully enjoy the summertime.

In this article, you will find some helpful advice for staying in good shape on vacation, including getting vaccinated before your trip, drinking fluids, sticking to a healthy diet, and keeping a healthy mindset. Read on and make sure that your summer is unforgettable – in a positive way.

Getting Vaccinated

The best way to stay in good shape and minimize the risk of getting ill on vacation is to get vaccinated beforehand. Certain vaccinations are recommended before traveling to certain areas, and you should get them if you think it is necessary.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all adults over the age of 65 get a pneumococcal vaccination before traveling to certain parts of the world. This is because the risk of getting sick with pneumonia or meningitis increases with age.

Similarly, people who have chronic medical conditions, such as asthma, heart disease, and diabetes, should also get vaccinated against pneumonia. If you plan to travel overseas with your children, make sure they get all the necessary vaccines.

Moreover, today, you should get vaccinated for COVID-19 to avoid getting hit by the pandemic. Or, if you can’t get a vaccine yet, make sure to at least get tested before departure – check out to learn more about PCR tests.

Finally, if you are traveling to a tropical country, make sure you get recommended vaccines before leaving for your trip. These vaccines usually include yellow fever, typhoid, rabies, cholera, hepatitis A and B, Japanese encephalitis, and polio.

Drinking Fluids

Staying hydrated is vitally important for your health and well-being. When traveling, particularly in warm weather, it is important to drink more fluid than usual to prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion.

To stay in good shape on vacation, you should drink 8 – 12 cups of water per day while traveling. It is better to drink smaller amounts of water more often instead of large amounts at once. In addition to water, you can also drink fruit juices and smoothies as they contain nutrients and natural sugar that help counter the effects of dehydration.

Sticking to a Healthy Diet

While on vacation, it is easy to forget about healthy eating habits but this is not a good idea at all. Instead of reaching for junk food or fast food while traveling, try to stick to a healthy diet as much as possible – that will allow you to stay in the best shape possible. Here are some useful tips:

  • Keep your meals light by choosing lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and beans.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as they contain antioxidants that improve your health and boost your immune system – perfect for when you are traveling.
  • Try eating smaller meals more frequently – this will help keep your metabolism going strong and prevent overeating later on.
  • Remember that snacking can keep your metabolism going strong. However, try to snack on healthy foods such as fruits or yogurt instead of junk food or fast food.
  • Try cooking most of your meals at home – this will help ensure that you are eating wholesome, nutritious meals.

Keeping a Healthy Mindset

The mind and body are closely connected. Therefore, maintaining a healthy mindset is just as important as eating right and exercising regularly. Many people have the habit of overthinking everything – but that can lead to much stress and compromise your immunity.

Therefore, when traveling, it is important to keep a healthy mindset. You should do things that help you relax and take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle. For example:

  • Spend more time with friends or family members.
  • Get enough sleep at night.
  • Take some time alone every day to reflect upon yourself.
  • Stay physically active – this will help release endorphins that make you feel good and keep your mind and body relaxed.
  • Try to avoid stressful situations as much as possible or deal with them quickly.


Going on a vacation is one of the best ways to spend your summer. However, this time can easily be ruined if you get sick and have to spend most of your holiday in bed. Fortunately, that is pretty easy to prevent.

We hope that this article gave you a better idea of how to stay in good shape while on vacation. Remember that it is not enough to get vaccinated, stay hydrated, and maintain a healthy diet – you should also try to keep a healthy mindset and try to relax to have fun.

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