The Ultimate Guide to Sleeping Better

Sleep is one of the most important parts of life. It is when your body heals itself. It is when you mentally come to terms with things in your life. Adequate rest is paramount to …


Sleep is one of the most important parts of life. It is when your body heals itself. It is when you mentally come to terms with things in your life. Adequate rest is paramount to performance, health, and happiness. When you aren’t sleeping well or can’t fall asleep at night, you may or may not know what the problem is. Whoever you are and whatever you do for work, it’s important to try your best to get better sleep. It will improve your life in many ways. Below is the ultimate guide to getting better sleep.

Don’t Use Your Phone Before Bed

The blue light that your phone emits is designed to keep you alert. Any light you are putting in your eyes before you go to bed will hinder your sleep, but your phone is especially a culprit. It takes a while for your eyes to adjust after using your phone, making it difficult to go right to sleep. These days, people are even putting their phones outside the bedroom, so they aren’t tempted. Not only will you stop using your phone before bed, but you will also have a moment without it when you wake up.

Eat Your Last Meal Early

Another thing that keeps you up is your dinner. If you eat your last meal too close to the time you are going to bed, you will feel heavy and bloated. It can be quite difficult to sleep when you are full of food. This is why you should eat your last meal of the day a few hours before you go to sleep. You will feel lighter and will fall asleep more easily. Furthermore, the time you eat your last meal will impact when your caffeine kicks in. If you had coffee between lunch and dinner, you might not have fully digested it yet. When you eat late, the caffeine could kick in and you will be wide awake.

Eliminate Caffeine

Of course, you can just eliminate caffeine entirely. While we love caffeinated beverages as a culture, they are so bad for your sleep. If you aren’t getting enough rest at night or find yourself having a tough time falling asleep, you should try to eliminate caffeine entirely. A lot of people won’t give up coffee, though. If you are one of these people, you should at least stop drinking caffeine six hours before you go to bed. Caffeine is likely the culprit when you are struggling to sleep well. Try to eliminate it just for a little while to see if it is the reason you aren’t sleeping well.

Read Before Going to Sleep

Instead of going on your phone or watching TV, you should try reading before sleep. Yes, reading an actual book you can hold in your hands. This quiets the mind and prepares you for sleep. When you are extra tired, you will even find yourself nodding off as you read, trying to stay awake to finish the chapter. Reading before bed is a great way to prepare yourself for sleep. Even if you’re not a big reader, give it a try. You might find that you really like reading a book before bed.

Try Sleep Aids

Finally, if you’ve tried it all and still can’t sleep well at night you might want to think about taking a sleep aid. One of the most popular sleep remedies are melatonin sleep gummies. CBD can also facilitate sleep in addition to easing anxiety and physical pain. There are plenty of very powerful sleep aids but be careful using some of those products. You definitely don’t want to become dependent on a powerful drug to be able to sleep at night. Melatonin works for most people and has little to no side effects. Start there and see how you feel.

Sleep isn’t easy for a lot of people. It can be hard to fall asleep, stay asleep, and sleep well throughout the night. Lack of sleep has to do with our habits. Are you eating too close to bed? Are you drinking too much caffeine too close to bedtime? Are you using your phone before you sleep? If you aren’t doing any of these things and still find yourself awake at night, try reading and taking sleep aids. Winding down for sleep isn’t always easy, but it’s possible to have the best rest possible at night.

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