Top Qualities To Look For In The Best Book Editors

Editing a book takes time, effort, and dedication. Of course, you can try to do it on your own. However, trusting the services of a professional book editor will yield better results. Thus, work with …

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Editing a book takes time, effort, and dedication. Of course, you can try to do it on your own. However, trusting the services of a professional book editor will yield better results. Thus, work with the best editors. However, there are several editors on the market. This makes it challenging to choose the best editor, especially when looking for young adult book editors. Luckily, the following guide will outline the key qualities you should look for in a book auditor.

Detail Oriented

Choose a detail-oriented editor. Remember, editing a book requires a lot of attention to detail. You should identify minor mistakes. For instance, things like spelling mistakes require attention to detail. A keen eye will identify issues like contradictions or incorrect information. This allows the editor to present facts and information correctly.

Effective Communication

Any good editor should understand the power of effective communication. Conveying the correct information honestly and effectively is important. Choose an editor who thoughtfully provides constructive criticisms.


Not all editors can handle all types of editing. Thus, choose an editor who can handle the type of editing you have. Also, consider hiring versatile editors. These editors can handle a myriad of editing tasks without any difficulties.

Creative Thinker

Editing is all about creativity. This process requires a creative mind. Choose an editor who exhibits a high level of creativity. He/she should gather facts, arrange them creatively, and come up with a clear and concise manuscript. He/she should develop ideas that align with the client’s expectations.

Time Management

Editing takes time. Choose somebody who understands how to keep time. Select an editor with strategy. He/she should do the job quickly. Don’t choose an editor who takes ages to complete your work. Reading customer reviews will tell you the type of editor you are dealing with.

Honest Feedback

Editors will give you honest feedback regarding your book. They will not shy away from giving you constructive feedback regarding your book. Unlike relatives and friends who will give you biased views; an editor is trained to identify areas of weaknesses and areas of concern within your book.

Choose a practical editor. He/she should not fear pointing out issues in your book. Interview potential editors. Ask them about your book. Choose an editor who gives constructive criticisms.

Strong Writing Skills

Book editing is an art. It requires special skills. Thus, choose an editor with exceptional writing skills. He/she should have a strong command of English writing skills. Check the way he/she answers your emails. Don’t forget about his/her verbal skills. Choose an editor with no grammatical errors. Remember, things like syntax errors will mess up your content.


Choose a proactive editor. A good editor should have an active mindset. The mind should be sharp and ready to work. This is designed to help him/her identify issues, and errors before making recommendations quickly and effortlessly.

Handle Criticism

A good editor should take criticisms positively. He/she should take feedback from clients, address them objectively, and submit final results. Hire an editor who doesn’t let feelings take center stage. Remember, it’s all about the book. It’s not about feelings here. The main aim is to create a quality book.

If an editor is too emotional, stay away. Professionalism (when handling issues from clients) is very important. Choose an editor with an optimistic attitude. He/she should be willing to learn from mistakes.

Team Spirit

You cannot do editing on your own. It requires teamwork. Editors, clients, and other parties should embrace a collaborative approach. The success of the book depends on input from all the parties. Choose an editor with a teamwork spirit.

Understands Editing Philosophy

Not all editing tasks come with the same needs. Each task demands different needs. Choose an editor who can easily adapt to any writing style. He/she should tailor your writing style to meet the expectations of the reader.

Tips For Choosing the Right Editor

Now that you understand the qualities a good editor should possess, it’s time to choose the right editor. Follow the following tips and tricks to select the right editor for your book.

Read Reviews

Go online. Consider reading customer reviews. A good author should have positive reviews. Don’t hire editors with numerous negative reviews. Happy customers will always leave positive reviews. On the other hand, displeased customers will leave negative reviews.


If you have a family member who has published a book before, ask him/her for referrals. You can also ask your workmates for referrals. Ask for referrals from professionals out there.


Check the fees. Don’t select an exorbitant editor. Choose an editor who charges reasonably. Pay attention to additional fees. Select an editor with no hidden fees. If you can, negotiate for a better deal. However, don’t select a cheap editor at the expense of quality.


Request for testimonials from that editor. Call them. Ask questions.


Choose an experienced editor. How many papers or books has he/he edited? How long has he/she been editing? An experienced editor will deliver better results than a new editor.

Reputable Company

Select an editor from a reputable company. There are several editing companies on the market. Selecting an editor from a reputable company will guarantee you results.

Key Takeaway

It is needless to send a book with several errors to the publishing desk. Edit it first. Get rid of those costly grammatical errors. Ensure that the structure is ok. An editor is the best person to get rid of these errors. At a small fee, your editor will go through the book, get rid of mistakes, and improve the language. Plus, customers love reading quality books. To make better sales, edit it with a professional editor.

The Bottom-Line

The success of your book depends on how well you edit it. Mistakes can cost you. High-quality books will always sell. Thus, edit it well. Choose a highly skilled book editor. Select an editor with attention to detail. He/she must know how to communicate ideas effectively and clearly. Use the above guide to pick the right editor for your book today!

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