Trending Jewelry Styles for Spring 2022

The Big Four Fashion Weeks and fashion magazines like Vogue have spoken—Spring 2022 will be as colorful and full of bling as it has always been, with the return to the new normal seeing fashionistas …


The Big Four Fashion Weeks and fashion magazines like Vogue have spoken—Spring 2022 will be as colorful and full of bling as it has always been, with the return to the new normal seeing fashionistas getting excited once again about showing off their sartorial sophistication. The jewelry industry, which saw a downturn in sales in 2020, is now back in full swing, with Fortune Business Insights predicting that it will boast a worth of a whopping $266.53 billion by 2027. If you enjoy keeping up to date on the latest trends, watch out for these looks. They will be all over high fashion magazines and seen on the streets of the World’s most fashionable cities.

High Tech Jewelry

Technologically enhanced jewelry is increasing in popularity year-on-year, with pieces such as rings equipped with GOS and health and fitness monitoring being all the rage. Brands such as Ringly and Bellabeat are creating cool urban pieces that offer notifications and activity tracking, while also bearing semi-precious gemstones and an array of metal choices. Some brands offer clients the chance to choose from a host of different stones—including lapis, labradorite, and quartz.

Bicep Bands

Bicep bands will be worn in two main ways—either on bare skin or over loose-knit sweaters. These pieces will range from punk rock bands in materials like leather and silver, right through to delicate vermeil and rose gold pieces bearing claw shapes and nature-derived shapes (think leaves and flowers). For a good idea of how you can pair this up with your existing wardrobe pieces, check out the Spring 2022 catwalks of brands like Prada and Raf Simons.

Stacked Jewelry

Spring 2022 will continue to see stacking as one of the major trends. Think stacked rings in various metal hues, and stacked pendant necklaces, chains, and fine beads. Stacking is so big on the scene that it will be one of the hottest wedding ring styles. Many brides and grooms are avoiding classic princess-cut and other styles and opting for pave bands and eternity rings as their showstopper jewelry pieces. Even classic styles like halos are being jazzed up with delicate pave bands, in X shapes and delicate twists that symbolize infinity. Today’s brides and grooms are demanding wedding rings that they would actually love to sport even if they weren’t getting married. These designs can be worn every day alongside other stacked rings or worn alone to accompany a more minimalistic look.

Colored Gemstones

The past two years have seen jewelry lovers embrace color in a new way. That means that many big spenders are opting for gems like emeralds and pink/green/blue sapphires in lieu of standard diamonds. Two gemstones that are growing in popularity are tsavorites (the less ‘flawed’ version of the emerald) and tanzanites (a dark blue/violet stone that is sometimes indistinguishable from an elegant blue sapphire).

Body Jewelry

Who said jewelry had to be limited to standard pieces like earrings, necklaces, diamond bracelets, and rings? Big Four fashion weeks have seen a big upswing in body jewelry, with brands like Bluemarine, Edward Crutchley, and Acne Studios embracing stunning pieces that give outfits a real urban edge. Think long necklaces that meet below the chest and extend downwards, encircling the waist, or necklaces that end in two circles you can pin over your chest area, with a chain connecting both circles.

The jewelry industry is back and is making record sales, with fashion lovers keen to attend more social events and express themselves through their attire and accessories. Just a few trends holding sway include body jewelry, stacking, and bicep bands. High-tech jewelry will continue to surprise fitness buffs, with a combination of cutting-edge technology and appealing designs.

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