There’s a reason fitness is at the top of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions list. It’s something most people have a fluctuating relationship with, but we all have an ideal weight we’d like to be at.

Many people lost any type of motivation they once had been locked down in quarantine over the summer months. Gyms were closed, and many of them are still closed, leaving folks in charge of mustering up enough motivation for at-home workouts.

Seeing how there is still some uncertainty about gyms opening in some parts of the country, you’ve got to stay aware of keeping your fitness levels where they need to be. But don’t worry, this isn’t going to be one of those “do 200 lunges and planks a day” deals.

No, we’re focusing on simple and effective ways you can get the body you want without feeling like you’re dying.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Diet and Adjust

It’s easy to snack (and keep snacking) when you’ve been sitting in the house for the last six months, waiting for a pandemic to end.

This is why you have to check in with yourself and evaluate your eating habits. If you find you’ve consumed way too much processed food filled with sugar, sodium, and bad carbs—it’s time for a change.

First things first, cut out carbs for the most part and have your diet consist of mainly fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Don’t starve yourself, but make sure you maintain the right balance.

For example, if you decide to have a burger one day (because you’re only human, right), follow it up with a salad or something light for dinner. Also, try to eat at home when possible because the food you make at home is healthier and has way fewer calories when it’s all said and done.

Step 2: Drink Warm Lemon Water Every Day

Drinking lemon water in the morning is an excellent way to get your day going. It gets your digestive system flowing, and it also works to boost your metabolism.

Additionally, it’s going to detoxify the body as well as the skin, giving you a gorgeous glow. It’s also noted that this process purifies the blood, protecting your body from certain diseases and illnesses.

Step 3: Light Cardio for 20 Minutes a Day

You hate cardio, but it’s a full-body workout that’s going to tone your body and trim those pounds off in little to no time. The beauty of this is that you don’t have to go crazy and run two miles a day.

In fact, you don’t even have to run. You can start with walking, or biking, or any other type of cardio that gets your body moving and your heart pumping. When you have the opportunity, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to a close-by destination, etc.

If you’re feeling a little more motivated, you can start implementing some resistance training. In light of keeping it simple, get yourself some resistance bands and work on different parts of the body you’d like to tone and shape.

If you’re feeling sore afterward and feel like giving up, don’t, because CBD gummies for pain will help you minimize the discomfort. Many people pair CBD with workout routines because it works naturally to tackle the source of the distressed muscle and discomfort.

You can find yourself an excellent topical CBD product to rub into the muscles after working out, and you’ll be good as new!

Final Thoughts

It seems like getting the body you want is a never-ending struggle.

While it is for some, this won’t be the case for you because you’ve got these three simple steps to keep you on the right path!

Pearl M. Kasirye is a writer at La Dolce Studio, editor, and researcher who spends most of her time reading. When she isn’t reading or working, she can be found sitting on her balcony writing her own novels or traveling.